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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"House" Calls

Apparently one of the most popular shows currently on TV is House. I've heard of its multiple awards, and know many people who follow it very closely. Frankly, I never really felt much interest in it, and the teasers for it on TV struck me as annoying rather than appealing. Hugh Laurie's character seemed too harsh and cynical to me, and I didn't really understand why people were so drawn to the program.

Until now.

I happened to have the TV on last week when the show came on. I didn't feel like changing the channel, and ended up watching it. And I have to say that I became hooked, to the point that it annoys my wife. Besides the good drama, what appeals to me is the medical detective work. As a doctor (albeit for different species), I deal with diagnostic challenges daily. They aren't anywhere near as hard as those treated by Dr. House and his team, but the sometimes really challenge me. I enjoy watching the thought processes of the doctors, and how they work through their lists of possibilities to reach the conclusion. Other doctor dramas haven't captured my interest as much, since they seem to focus mostly on the interactions between the doctors and patients, or among the medical staff. House is different on several levels, and that uniqueness is what appeals to me.

So yes, I've finally joined the rest of America and seek out episodes of House. Now what I'd really like to see is a similar show based on a veterinarian!


  1. I love this show, and I can't really say why. He's just so sarcastic, and I usually don't like that kind of humor, but I do on this show.

    I have only seen it on DVD. I currently have season 3 sitting on top of my DVD player, waiting to be watched!

  2. I enjoy this show too. for many reasons, but I also like to look at this...usually after the show - :)

  3. Awwww, why go spoiling fun with facts and hard truth. ;)


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