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Friday, July 29, 2011

World Domination Proceeding

Over the last several months to a year I have seen this blog grow, have appeared on television twice, have done several on-line interviews that have been published, and now have been published in a major US veterinary journal.  A blog post I made several months back was noticed by one of the editors at Veterinary Economics, and he thought it would make a great "Hot Button" topic for the magazine.  We went through an editing process and I just received the latest issue, which has my article on the back page, with a mention on the cover (though you can't see it in this small's just to the right of the main logo)! 

You can check out the issue online if you don't subscribe to it or are outside of the US.  Here's a direct link to the article, which regular readers will probably recognize from this entry back in May.

I'm particularly excited about this article because it's in one of the most widely read veterinary journals in the country, and will probably surprise many of my classmates and colleagues whom I haven't kept up with over the years.  Since this blog is mentioned in the bio at the end, I would also expect that I'll see a bump in traffic on this site. 

It looks like my plan for world domination is proceeding along just fine!


  1. Well deserved Chris - it was a good article!!!
    I learn a lot from your work - or at least feel a sense of recognition because you capture relevant topics for a range of people in practice or thinking of training as a vet.
    Well done :)

  2. I just went to both links and I'll say that I absolutely agree with your article and the original post. It angers me to read someone talk about how pets are all someone has etc - you know what? You are not allowed to neglect your children, you should not be allowed to neglect pets.

    Not getting a rabies vaccine for your pet constitutes a public safety hazard. I work with a shelter and we will NOT adopt out a pet to someone who tells us that they will not keep up with bare minimum preventative care. A bottom line of humane behavior has to be enforced because if it is not, people start thinking of their pets as cuddly objects that they play with and then throw away when they get beat up. It is long-term thinking and a bitter pill for some to swallow. Good job Chris, and good luck telling hard truths.

    A pet is not a cute cuddly plaything that you use at your convenience. A pet is a living creature that you have a responsibility to care for in a humane way. Those that cannot do so should not own pets. To those that think this would add to crowding at shelters - who do you think are the fools not neutering their pets? People like the client Christ dealt with. Pet ownership is not a right, it is a privilege.

  3. cool - world domination!!
    well deserved.
    keep up the good work.

  4. Cool. I have that on my desk but haven't gotten to it yet-I will tomorrow!


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