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Monday, February 27, 2012

On The Radio

As any reading this blog regularly or paying attention to the US veterinary community will know, February is National Pet Dental Health month.  And I've been lucky enough to get to talk nationally about it!  Not long ago I started working with a national PR firm to start making more media appearances (besides the three local TV appearances I've had over the last year or so).  They booked me for several phone interviews with radio stations around the country!

Last Friday I was on a station in Virginia.  Today I was on stations in Minnesota, Ohio, Idaho, and Illinois (the Chicago market!).  One was live (the Minnesota one, which was also the longest) and the others were taped to be broadcast tomorrow.  It was a blast!  I said more or less the same things in each interview, but I've gotten used to that repetition with clients and when I was teaching.  I love doing TV and radio appearances as well as public speaking, so I get excited about things like this.  I may also have more radio interviews over the next couple of weeks, and then we can start on other topics.

I seriously wouldn't mind being a veterinary media personality, traveling around the country and being in articles, TV shows, and other outlets.  Once again, all part of my plan for world domination!

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