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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Christian Ninjate

What the heck is a Ninjate, and how does that relate to Christianity? If you read my profile, you'll see that I am a big geek, as well as a Christian. Though I do touch on these subjects in this blog, I also concentrate primarily on life as a vet. I've been having a growing desire to have a forum for more pointed discussions of faith and fandom, so I have started a second blog.

What is a ninjate? There is a popular argument/discussion on which is cooler: ninjas or pirates? Sometimes it's phrased as who would win in a fight. Recently I gave a message on this subject, and ended up coining the term "Christian ninjate". I've Googled the phrase, and can't find it anywhere else, so I think I'm the first to use it ("ninjate" has been around a little, but it's not common). A ninjate is the ultimate combination of a pirate and a ninja, having characteristics and abilities of both. It's sort of a geek fantasy, merging the best of each. Yes, it seems kind of strange to relate this to Christianity, but believe me, it works!

So if you're interested or just curious, come on over to The Christian Ninjate site, and see what it's all about. I doubt it will be boring, and it might just cover a unique spin on the Bible, Jesus, and God.

And don't worry, I still plan on having some fun with veterinary medicine right here!