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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Those Wacky Clients

One of this blog's readers is also a veterinarian, and recently posted about one of her clients. Check out this very interesting story right here. I have to say that her story tops any of the ones I have. But that doesn't mean that I don't see some strange clients. Part of dealing with the public is seeing those quirky, strange, or downright insane people that make you wonder what in the world kind of medication they're on.

Once I had a client who insisted on talking about her various medical disorders, especially of the skin. I think she talked to us more about her own problems than her dog's. The worst part was that she always insisted on showing us the lesions, and asking if we thought the scabs in her hair were due to mites.

Several years ago we had a client who started nursing her daughter while in the exam room. That wasn't too bad, and breastfeeding is perfectly natural. However, her daughter looked to be about 6 or 7 years old. While I know some people believe in this, I don't know that a vet's office is really an appropriate place for this.

Last year we had a client who thought it was cute when her little dog nuzzled and licked on the skin on the underside of her breast. As is typical in these situations, she was doing it in the exam room right in front of us.

You know, I'm noticing that most of these "odd" clients confound us with their own bodily or mental habits.

People like this definitely help keep the job interesting, and are DEFINITELY not something we're taught about in vet school!


  1. Thanks for the link (you can add me to your links list if you want-but I realize my blog is not specific to veterinary medicine so you may not want to. Those are some good stories. I may never get over people's need to share their medical problems with us. Two that stand out are being stuck in a room with a man telling me about his colonoscopy and an elderly woman who insisted on removing her bandage to show me her wound. I can't remember what the wound was from, didn't really care to know if the first place...

  2. eww. eww. and eww. i am glad I don't have your job!

  3. I'm a mental health counselor, I've heard lots of stuff, and even I find this disturbing.

    I imagine that you must also deal with your fair share of angry clients too. What's generally worse, dealing with a angry pet or an angry owner?

  4. I'd definitely rather deal with an angry pet. It's harder to put a muzzle on an owner. ;)

  5. As I was writing this, I was thinking a little IM lorazepam for some owners might not hurt ;)

    Then, I recalled a story I had heard about a client who ended up in treatment after becoming physiologically dependent on lorazepam prescribed for the client's dog. Never would've considered that someone would seek meds at their vet's office. sigh.

    I'm rather enjoying your blog. I always wanted to be a vet as a child and I'm finding it rather interesting. Sorry if I'm bombarding you with replies all at once! Thanks for the interesting stories!


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