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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas With The Berns

I've taken a few days off and let my associates handle the duties, a perk of being in charge.  Don't worry, they're getting time off also.  But I wanted to have a little extra time with my family.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in PJs, playing games and watching movies with my wife and kids.  It was really nice to have that kind of slow, relaxing quality time with my family.  With the way life can get hectic sometimes, it can be hard to have that kind of time.  We rarely slow down long enough to really see what is around us in our own lives, especially this time of year.  There is so much going on around Christmas with obligations, parties, shopping, and so on that we can forget what the season is really about.

Remember that this is supposed to be the Season of Giving, not the Season of Getting.  And about 2000 years ago we were given the best gift of all...the birth of the baby Jesus.  Without Him we wouldn't have Christmas and all that it means. We should all reflect on what that means.  We have the grace of God and an example of love beyond all understanding.  When we give presents it's a reflection of what God gave to us, and what we can still have.  The most holy, influential, and powerful man to walk on Earth, and he started out being born to working parents in a stable surrounded by animals.  We are supposed to love each other and show compassion because God showed love and compassion to us first.  Don't forget that.  Don't forget where this all began.

Today is more family time.  We're going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader with the kids, then my son and I are going to see Tron: Legacy.  He and I will get that time together as guys, and my wife and daughter are going to have some time as girls. Then we're going to open our Christmas gifts to each other this evening (a Swedish tradition) after reading the Christmas story from the Bible.  Really, on the surface it's nothing spectacular, but it's amazing quality time with the family.  It's nice to slow down a little.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate the holiday, I wish you the best and merriest Christmas! May God bless you and your family!