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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Following Big Sis

My new puppy, Inara, is now four months old, and has fit into the family very well. We're still getting through the housebreaking, but it's getting better. Our adult dog, Guinevere, has fully accepted her, and it's great to see them playing together. In fact, we've had to move some things off shelves because they play so hard and fast we've been worried things will come tumbling down.

One of the greatest things to watch is how little Inara follows Guinevere anywhere. Wherever Gweny goes, Inara tags along. When they go outside, Inara is right behind her "big sister". In fact, it can be a bit annoying to Gweny. There she is, sniffing around, looking for the right place to pee, and as she squats the puppy sticks her little nose right in that spot. A bit disconcerting to say the least! We've actually started letting Guinevere go outside by herself just to have a little peace to potty.

Tonight this really helped us. Inara was outside with my wife and took off running around the back of the house. She lost sight of her and came inside to get my help. I took Guinevere with me, figuring that when Inara saw her she would come running for big sis. Luckily, Inara ran back around to the front porch and we quickly got her back in. But I'm sure that my plan would have worked.

It emphasizes to me how much dogs are pack animals, and how important those relationships are to them. Inara has bonded to Gweny in a great way, and really looks to her for guidance. We're hoping that some of Gweny's training passes on to her "little sister" and quickly. That's how wild canines watching their packmates. And in our case, it also shows that our little pack is coming along just fine.