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Monday, November 2, 2009

Leave The Horses Alone

So this month's poll is finished, and it probably isn't too surprising.

It is acceptable to slaughter horses for food:  18%
It isn't acceptable:  66%
Not sure:  15%

As I mentioned when the poll began, eating meat has a cultural bias.  What might be perfectly acceptable in one country would be completely abhorent in another.  In this case, eating horse meat is considered common and even a delicacy in many parts of the world, including parts of Europe.  In the US I bet there are many people who aren't even aware that this goes on, let alone that there is a controversy.  Because of the bond that Americans have with horses and the importance that these animals have had in the development of our country, it would be strange for most people to consider killing them for food.

Now, my discussion hinges on humane treatment of these animals, including housing and slaughter.  I know that this doesn't always happen, and I am against that as well.  But I also realize that many animals exist in their current breed or state merely because we humans decided that they were a food source.  We have selectively bred them for better meat, and keep them in existence solely for that purpose.  Humans have always eaten meat, and most always will.  That doesn't mean that we can abuse these animals, but should try to avoid most discomfort for their brief lives.

So those of you who are against horses as food sources, I would be interested to hear your views.  Feel free to express them in the discussion.

Oh, and a new poll is now up!