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Thursday, July 11, 2013

If Dr. Seuss Was A Vet

A veterinary friend of mine sent this to me on Facebook and I fell in love with it.  Though I think only those who work in the veterinary field can truly appreciate it, I hope everyone else can see the humor also.  I'm not sure who started this so I can't give credit.

If Dr. Seuss Was A Vet
I won't dispense it, Sam I am,
I won't dispense without exam.

I won't dispense it to your dog,
Although you'll bash me in a blog.

I won't dispense it to your friend,
Who yells at me without an end,

I won't dispense it for the ear,
For the eyes, or for the rear,

I won't dispense it though you yell,
How mean I am the world you'll tell!

I won't dispense it to your cat,
to your bird, or to your rat.

I won't give in--I'm standing tall.
Although you'll whine and cry and call.

I won't dispense it, Sam I am!
You can't have meds without exams!


  1. This is great - have you thought about framing this and putting this where clients can see it when they come in? It should be in every vet office lobby - in my humble opinion! :)

  2. Yeah...but the Bad Vets do it anyways.

  3. I can't disagree with that, and it's frustrating to the rest of us vets.


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