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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fleeting Fame?

I'll admit that I like having my ego stroked.  Who doesn't?  I don't think I'm egotistical, and I hope that most of the time I come across as at least relatively humble, but that doesn't mean I don't like getting recognition.  That may be one of the reasons I enjoy being on TV and radio.  I love to educate people and this is my primary goal for any appearances, but I certainly don't mind the idea of seeing myself "famous".  I've even joked that my goal is to be the next Marty Becker (Google him if you haven't heard of him and you'll understand).

But fame can be fleeting.

Regular readers may remember my most recent TV appearance back in June.  Just after that broadcast my blog traffic went from around 1200 hits per day to a peak of over 7000.  My monthly hits more than doubled, from 41,530 in May to 114,910 in June.  Alas, such fame was not to last.  By the beginning of July the hits dropped, and even though I had a surge in mid-July, my daily traffic went back to average for the month, and though I had over 58,000 hits in July, that was mainly due to a few days of increase.

Well, I may see it come back a little.  A couple of days ago some clips from the footage I taped showed up in a similar story in Milwaukee.  The framing of the story was a bit different, but my appearances were the same.  I actually liked this story a bit better, even though I strongly disagree with the vet who cropped her dog's ears.

I know that when I see or hear something interesting I'll look it up online to find out more details.  It's not surprising that someone would see me on TV and wonder "who is this guy?"  Since I maintain an active blog it's not hard to find me, hence the bumps in my daily traffic.

Would I like to be famous?  Sure.  Most people would.  But it's not the foremost thing on my mind and isn't the reason why I maintain this blog.  So if my readership grows I'm okay with it.  If things peter out, I can handle that also since it's not my main focus in life.  

But if any TV networks need a vet to be a regular correspondent, please feel free to get in touch!