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Monday, June 16, 2014

Questions From Students--A Vet's Guide To Life

Over the nearly six years I've been writing this blog I've had many questions from people interested in veterinary school and the life of a vet.  Most of these questions are from people in high school and college, and it's not uncommon for them to be asking as part of a project.  Often the questions are essentially the same so I've had to answer them in different ways.  I realized that with hundreds of blog entries it was hard for someone to find these questions, thus resulting in multiple emails over the years.  To help alleviate this as well as make it easier for students to find answers, I'm going to provide this post as a central place to provide links to previous posts.  

Okay, kids (and adults), here is a list of times I've answered questions about veterinary work and life.

All Work And No Time To Work--Can you work and be a vet student at the same time?
Free Time As A Vet?--Can a vet really have personal time?
Vet Or Tech?--The pros and cons of becoming a veterinarian versus a technician.
Hope For The Fainters--Does fainting at blood negate you from becoming a vet?
A Vet's Life, Part 1--Questions about being a vet and living the life.
A Vet's Life, Part 2--More questions about the life of a vet.
A Vet's Life, Part 3--Last in the series of multiple questions about a veterinary career.
Questions From A Prospective Vet Student, Part 1--Questions about becoming a vet.
Questions From A Prospective Vet Student, Part 2--Questions about becoming a vet, part 2.
Questions From A Prospective Vet Student, Part 3--More questions about becoming a vet.
Staying Sane In Vet School--How to maintain your sanity during the rigors of veterinary study.
Fifty Different Directions--Managing family life as a vet.
Work/Life Balance--The challenges of balancing work life and private life.
A Vet's Biggest Daily Problems--The hardest things in the daily life of a vet.
Advice On Becoming A Vet....Almost Ultimate Guide--The ins and outs of getting into vet school.
Getting A Start--How minors can get experience in the profession.

Okay, I think that about does it!  Hopefully now people can more easily find information about becoming a vet and the kind of life we live.