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Monday, June 16, 2014

Catch-up Blog #10--Becoming A Vet, Relationship With God

Almost caught up on my inbox full of emails!  Then I can get back to a more leisurely pace of blogging.  Here's a more recent one from Jessica.

 I'm Jessica. I'm a seventeen year old girl who lives in New York. I've been dreaming of becoming a veterinarian since I was seven years old. I would love to specialize in horses and cattle. I've been reading your blogs and they are extremely interesting. I've always wanted to email a vet and ask them about their job. I also wanted to know the criteria of being a vet. I'm excellent in biology, algebra, and chemistry. I also love animals. I have two guinea pigs, a dog, and a fish. I also have a lot of experience with different types of animals. What steps should I start taking to become a successful vet?

This is the perfect time to plug my most recent post presenting a single source for all questions about being a vet!  Check it out here.  That should answer the basic questions you have.

   I am also a Christian. I am a junior at Hawthorne Christian Academy. How has becoming a veterinarian helped you with your relationship with God?

I'm not deliberately trying to make this into a religious blog.  Honestly!  However, it is a huge part of who I am and guides most of my daily decisions, so it makes sense that it would come up in my blogs.  Since I'm open about the subject I'm not surprised that people would ask me about it.

Personally I don't think that I'm closer to God because I'm a vet or that my job has aided in that relationship.  The strength of my relationship with Him is more due to personal study and interest, as well as facing the challenges of personal life:  being a husband and father, dealing with financial struggles, having psychological issues, and so on.  But I do think about God in relation to my job.  I have prayed for and over my patients.  I ask God for help with my attitude and being a leader/manager.  As someone with a lot of scientific training and knowledge, my views of science only help deepen my belief rather than shake it.  Creation is an amazing thing and the intricacies of biology can only come from a Creator!  I also occasionally get a chance to share my faith with clients and staff, opening the doors for discussions about how awesome God and Jesus are.

Hope that helps, Jessica!


  1. Tell them the truth Dr. Bern. Very seldom will you find a true Christian vet. You know the way it works on the inside and out, and if you step outside of the "circle" and choose to NOT turn your head to things that are wrong, and even sometimes criminal you can either choose to be a true Christian or be ready to lose your job.

  2. Well, it depends on how you define "true" Christian. You'll find a truly Christian vet about as often as you'll find a truly Crhistian person. Remember that none of us are perfect, and none of us are without sin. That includes Christians! There was only one perfect, sinless person who ever walked the Earth, and we're not that guy. There is not a Christian out there who hasn't done something wrong and who won't do something wrong in the future. That's the sinful nature that we fight against on a daily basis, and is why none of us deserve a place with God in Heaven. Thankfully it's not about what we deserve, but about in whom we place our trust and faith.

    If you're working somewhere that routinely has unethical or criminal behavior then you as a vet have a legal and ethical obligation to point it out. That's part of each state's veterinary practice act and has nothing to do with being a Christian. I've never been in a situation where I've risked losing my job because I did the "right thing". And I've known plenty of Christian vets. I've also known non-Christians who also behaved responsibly and ethically. Regardless of your faith, if you turn your head to things that are wrong you are culpable and complicit in the wrong-doing. Why would you want to work at a place like that?


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