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Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop Culture Pets

It's pretty interesting how people pick names for their pets. Much of the time it has to do with whatever is big in pop culture at the time. When the 101 Dalmations movies came out, we saw several new dogs named Pongo and Perdita. After The Lion King we started seeing a lot of cats named Simba and Nala. I even saw several Frodos after The Lord of the Rings series. It's understandable, as these films touch us in one way or another. We show our respect and interest by naming our pets after characters. One of our cats is named after the main character in Pokemon (Ash).

This comes up now because in the last month I have seen at least four pets named Miley. For those without girls, this is Miley Stewart, aka Hannah Montana. She is the biggest thing in tween girls minds, and often pre-teen. My six-year-old daughter used to be obsessed with her and we went to the Hannah Montana movie on opening weekend (her interest has now switched to the Jonas Brothers...she's six going on 18). I bet that most of these clients though that they were being original by naming their pets Miley, and normally it would be a good choice. They just didn't figure on all of the other families with young girls getting new pets.

If we looked back in history, I feel confident that we can trace pop culture trends by studying names of pets. Kind of interesting to me, and something I may have to pay more attention to.


  1. I always find that annoying-I think we are about to see a lot of "Marleys" too. I also don't know why people always choose overused names like Max and Lucky. I always try to pick something kind of unique-I like to search our database by pet name to get an idea of how popular a name is-most our pets are the "only one" of their name!

  2. I didn't name my dog Mugsey Marley because of that, he was a yellow lab too and a dead ringer for Marley but......r

  3. :) My dog's name is Sirius, so I get where you are coming from.


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