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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Humor In A Vet's Life

For all of the hardship, heartache, and difficult decisions in a veterinarian's day, there can be a surprising amount of humor.  Some of it happens naturally.  For example, a year ago I blogged about a particularly funny incident involving a canine University of Tennessee fan.  Some times the humor is completely incomprehensible to others, such as when one of my techs had his pants slip a little while handling a dog, exposing his "crack" a little.  One of the other techs stuck a catheter cap into the space.  Yeah, a bit childish and weird, but we all had a good laught about it.  Other times the humor is forced as you try to find ways to cope with a particularly difficult situation.

I certainly don't consider myself a humorist, though I would love to be.  I'm simply not witty enough to come up with anything funny on a regular basis.  But there are certainly vets who can and do.

Probably one of the kings of veterinary humor is Dr. Robert Miller.  He is currently retired but had a great and varied experience on just about every species imaginable.  He is most well known for his cartoons based around veterinary medicine.  Here's a link to his cartooning site.

Dr. Michael Obenski has been writing humorous columns for DVM Newsmagazine for over 30 years.  When I get that journal every month, his is the first article I look for.  His insights are spot-on (though may be not quite as humorous to the clients he is describing) and based on experiences that every small-animal vet can relate to. You can read some of his articles here.

Then there's Dr. Bo Brock, a mixed-animal practitioner from Texas.  Working on livestock and farm animals as well as pets, he gives a completely different perspective.  Also published in DVM Newsmagazine, you can read his articles here.

So does anyone else have any good resources for veterinary-specific humor?