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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beardie Comes Home

Last week I posted about a recent surgery I did on a tiny bearded dragon.  Today he came in for his final post-operative recheck, and he was doing great.  He had been active for the last two weeks, and eating regularly every day.  The incision had healed well so I took the sutures out and cleared him for going to a new home.

Now one of the interesting things about this little beardie is that he was from a pet store.  With only three legs, they couldn't sell him, and knew that going into the surgery.  When things like this happen, they give the pet away to a good home for free. In this specific case the original adoptee turned him down for some reason.  I had mentioned that I might be interested in him, and the let me know he was available.  So, I brought him home with me today.

My kids were overjoyed, especially my seven year-old daughter.  After the surgery I had sent them a picture of the beardie from my cell phone and her first words were "can I have it?!?"  When she saw it all set up in the tank, she proudly said "See, it worked!"  They are so excited about having our new pet.

Now I'll let you in on a little secret.  This is actually my first pet reptile.  Sure, I know a lot about them and do treat them, but so far all of my knowledge is from books and not first-hand experience.  Believe it or not, I'm a little nervous.  I know all of the things that can go wrong and how sick they can get from improper care.  I know the proper care and information, but I've never had to put it into action before.  Since he's done so well after his surgery, his continued life and well-being is now up to my ability as a pet owner and not a vet.  It's important to me to do well and keep him healthy because I am a vet, as well as a good example to my kids.  Plus, I've wanted a bearded dragon for years, and my darling wife finally gave the okay.

Now I just have to come up with a good name!