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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrity Clients?

Isn't it funny sometimes how certain names become associated with specific people?  I feel sorry for people with a similar or same name.  Just today I saw a client named Pamela Andersen.  Yes, slightly different than the actress/model Pamela Anderson.  But the name made me look a few times to make sure I saw it correctly.  I also went to school with a Steven King (as opposed to the author, Stephen King).

Now sometimes you do get real celebrities in private practice.  I once had a local morning radio DJ for a client, as well as a woman who had a minor part in a new TV show.  A friend of mine had the singer Bobby Brown as a client (yes, the real one!).  I think this is an interesting part of veterinary practice, because you get to see a completely different side of people, and realize that they are just pet owners.

So what about my colleagues out there?  Has anyone treated the pets of legitimate celebrities?  Anyone else know people with names similar to public figures?


  1. Interesting
    I worked in London for a while and managed to treat Malcolm McDowell(clockwork Orange) and Lord Snowdon's (husband of Princess Margaret) dogs...
    and Elaine Stritch who lived in the Savoy Hotel with her dog...
    They were all lovely - jsut like everyone else and concerned about their pets:)The biggest problem is not being star struck and paying attetion to your role as a vet throughout!

  2. I have a glamour model as a client (I look after her cats) but not being interested in that sort of thing I don't know if she counts as a celebrity!

    I also look after a dog who is owned by the mum of a Famous Person (in the UK anyway, but is now in the Movies so that could change), but I have to keep things confidential. Not quite the same as working for a star, but he spoke to me on the phone once. :)

  3. I've worked for several famous clients (entertainment, business, politics) as well as a couple of internationally-ranked riders. The riders are well-known in the horse world and those who follow the Olympic equestrian events might also recognize their names.

    Over the years, I've worked on some famous patients, mostly racehorses. I've met one of Kelso's regular veterinarians (for those who know who Kelso was!).

    I have a client named Robin Williams and another named "Mike" Jackson.

    In the horse world, "name" clients come with the territory.

  4. I worked at the CSU vet hospital for some time. The cancer center there drew in some big name celebrities and their pets. The only one I met in person was Gene Hackman.

    Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow (while still dating) made a big stir around the hospital. Marlo Thomas visited too. I always heard about their visits after the fact, but even so, I would probably have avoided trying to seek them out. They are there for a treatment for their pet just like someone else, and certainly don't want attention because of their celebrity-status!

  5. We groomed a dog for a local celeb but that's all I can think of.

  6. I had a grammar school classmate named Robin Williams - tall, African-American girl :).

    Professionally I've cared for pets owned by a couple of MLB & NHL players & a well-known actress


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