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Friday, June 18, 2010

Advice On Picking A Pet

A common complaint that many vets have is that clients don't choose their pets carefully enough.  Researching a particular breed or species is something important so that a person will have a good idea of what they are getting into.  Cocker spaniels are very prone to ear infections.  Westies have a high likelihood of developing skin problems.  Huskies shed a lot in the Summer and can be very active.  Knowing these things ahead of time can prepare someone for the challenges that may lie ahead and prevent some surprises.  It can be frustrating for clients to have to deal with some of these issues, and foreknowledge may change someone's choice and give them a better pet-owning experience.

I recently read an article on getting organized for picking a pet and the things to consider.  Dog, cat, or bird?  Long hair or short hair?  Small breed or big breed?  Anyone considering getting a new pet should read this article (linked here). It's really a good article and good advice.

Unfortunately, most people pick a pet based on how it looks, especially as a puppy or kitten.  Those pets look so cute when they're small, but they only stay young for a short time.  When you choose a new pet, you need to think of what that critter is going to be like as an adult and what you might be facing.  You also need to consider extra time and costs of care, as well as increased challenges when you go out of town. 

So anyone who is looking to add to their furry family or know someone who is, please direct them here and to the above link.