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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back To Work

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me.  My family and I took our first week-long vacation in an incredibly long time, visiting my father and going to a science-fiction convention.  This past week I flew across the country to California to take part in a task force identifying challenges, problems, and solutions in some veterinary hospitals that weren't reaching their potential.  Today I got back into town and tomorrow I go back to work.

I haven't been in my hospital for two weeks, and it's making me a bit anxious.  I've never been gone this long, and though I have a great staff and great doctors, I'm not exactly sure what I'll be facing when I get back.  One of the positive things I will face is a veterinary student.  I have one that will be working with us for six weeks starting tomorrow, and one doing an externship starting in another week or two.  I very much enjoy teaching and mentoring, so that part will be fun for me.

While spending some time in another hospital this past week I realized that I much prefer doing that to being in daily practice.  Though I am a good vet, my true skills like more in the areas of teaching and communicating.  There are certainly times I would rather do anything than see patients.  My hope and desire is that if I made a good showing this past week I can get more opportunities like this, and can guide my career in a different direction.

But for the foreseeable future I am still an average vet and have a practice to manage.  Tomorrow it's back to the grind, back to patients, and back to normal.  Not a bad life, really.


  1. Now that I can identify with - I love being in education- mixed my clinical skills with my urge to teach - a chane in direction and career, taking all the knowledge and experience with me :) I think a lot of vets get restless with practice after a while - many of my colleaugues have expressed a degree of envy about my taking the side step I did.

  2. I agree. After 13 years of practice and 26 years in the profession, I'm restless. I also absolutely love teaching and lecturing and would be so happy to do it full-time. Unfortunately, I don't have the motivation to go for a specialization or advanced degree which I would need to be in a vet school here in the US. I've looked into tech schools, and have even taught biology in college courses, but the pay is half what I make as a vet, so it's tough to make that switch.

  3. ah yes the pay... it is less, but not half and i get no after hours or weekend work and 9 weeks leave a year on top of usual stat days - so I compromised to spend more time with the kids!
    Many places take on part time tutors which leaves you a foot in both camps...


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