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Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing With Poo. Really?!?!

Some things I just don't get.  I just saw a commercial for a new kids' game, "Doggie Doo".  Apparently in this game you feed the toy dog a Play-Doh-like substance, and have to collect it when it comes out the other end as poop. No, seriously! Here's a picture...

First, what kid would want this game?  "Ooh, ooh, mommy, mommy!  I REALLY just HAVE to have this game where I get to pick up DOGGIE POO!"  And second, what parent in their right mind would want their kid to have it?  "Here, Johnny, it's a game all about picking up Play-Doh poop!"  What kind of "fun" would this be, and what kind of lessons would it teach?

Obviously as a vet fecal material doesn't bother me.  I've been picking up dog and cat poop most of my life and I'm very used to it.  But at no point have I ever thought "Hey, let's make a children's game of this!" while doing so.  Frankly, I've always been glad to get the job done as quickly as possible, regardless of the odor or consistency.  My son is particularly sensitive to smells, and even the thought of having to pick up our dogs' doo-doo makes him gag.

But fecal humor is becoming more common.  Has anyone seen the "sooper dooper pooper" series where cartoon animals dispense jelly beans out their *ahem* backside?

Ummm, yummy!  Just what I always wanted to eat! Animal jelly-poo!  Of course, in the recent movie "Hop" it is revealed that jelly beans are really Easter Bunny poop, so the trend is definitely there.

I simply don't get it.  If any kids out there want to play with animal poo, I'll be happy to let them come to my work or my backyard and do so for free!  And when they're done I'll even give them a free white plastic disposal bag!  No charge!