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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Never Satisfied

I've come to the conclusion that in my work I can't seem to be satisfied with the work load.  Not that this would be a surprise to my wife.

This time of year we see a slight dip in business as kids go back to school and parents concentrate on that for a few weeks.  It will pick up again in early September, but is slower right now.  When I get to work in the morning one of the first things I do is look at the day's schedule.  When I leave at night one of the last things I do is look at the next day's schedule.  And this week the schedule has looked pretty sparse.

This leaves me in a mixed mood.  To be truthful, I'm basically a lazy person.  I have a very strong work ethic and really do work hard.  But I'd rather not have to, and don't mind being a bit relaxed and slow some days at work.  This means that a slow schedule may suit me just fine.  On the other hand I have a responsibility to manage and grow the business, maintaining a good profit margin.  And we can't make good profits if we don't have appointments. 

So some days I wrestle with myself. I want to be lazy and get upset when we have a full schedule where I don't get much of a break or rest during the day.  Then when we're slow enough for me to prop my feet up I'm fretting because we're not bringing in enough revenue.  So I'm frustrated on both slow days and on busy days, each for different reasons.  Basically it sometimes seems that I can't be satisfied at work.

Anyone else feel this at least some of the time?  Thankfully I'm stubborn enough and have a strong sense of responsibility so I don't let the business suffer (after all, my salary is tied to the clinic's profits).


  1. I feel exactly the same way! I too have always been slow in August but can't seem to enjoy the down time for fear it will stay this way (never does) and fear of the bills piling up without getting paid (they always do though). So you would think after many years, I would relax more into it. Oh well, maybe next year!

  2. HA! I am just an associate but I am the same. I get slightly grumpy when a sparse in the morning schedule starts to fill...but I get bored when it doesn't.

    I prefer it to be a liitle busy. When it's slow too many days in a row, I feel like I lose a bit of my edge.

  3. I have just come across your blog as a result of reading a DVM360 article. I can complet;y relate to what you are saying. as an associate I want to see our practice thrive so that not only can I get a raise, but my techs and staff can and we can afford to improve the practice. However when we are busy, we are usually super busy and I get overwhelmed. I'm slow at charting and end up having to spend my nights catching up on patient files. I don't know what the answer is but hope to figure it out before I begin to resent the work I so dearly love.


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