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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting Old

Yesterday I went to the ophthalmologist for my routine annual exam and had a rather rude reality check.  She said that I was at the early point of needing bifocals.  BIFOCALS!  Yikes!  Those are for old people.  Okay, so the average age to start using bifocals is 40-45 years old, and I'm 42.  But I dress up in costumes at sci-fi cons, collect action figures, and still watch cartoons.  I really don't feel like I'm at my age, and have always looked at bifocals as being for older people.

Now I am one.  That's a bit depressing, really, though it shouldn't change anything about who I am or how I feel.  After all, it's just changing vision, right?  Not a big deal and it doesn't mean that I'm falling apart.  Right?

No, I'm not going to start going through a mid-life crisis, and I won't be buying a motorcycle or convertible any time soon.  But it is a realization that I ain't gettin' any younger and can only expect more changes like this.  Next thing you know my doctor will start talking about colonoscopies.  

So say a few prayers for this aging doctor.  I think I'm going to go eat some ice cream and play with my action figures.