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Monday, November 14, 2011


Any regular reader of this blog will know that I am a big geek.  Being a vet is pretty much what I do to support my other interests as well as my family, and those interests are usually geek-related, involving sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, and so on.  Just look back through this blog for my annual attendance at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of my favorite comic book characters is Aquaman.  I've always loved the idea of being able to swim underwater and communicate with animals.  I also enjoy the stories told about him and have followed him through his various incarnations in comic books and animations.  When I was younger I did competitive swimming and often used Aquaman as my inspiration, pretending I was him when I was practicing or simply playing in the pool.  I was excited when his new comic book started (with the entire reboot of DC comics) and have really enjoyed the story and art so far.  I have several Aquaman action figures and plushes, and have even gotten into minor arguments with friends about how awesome Aquaman is.

Earlier this year I found a site called the Aquaman Shrine, written and updated by a true Aqua-fan.  One of the things he does is maintain a fan designation called "F.O.A.M.", which stands for "Friends Of AquaMan".  To achieve F.O.A.M. status you must send in something unique and Aquaman-related.  It can't be simply a picture of an Aquaman action figure, or a website with an Aquaman hoodie, as those are common.  It has to be something new, obscure, unique, or otherwise different.  And today I earned my F.O.A.M. membership!

I love comic strips (the "educational" section of the newspaper, as my father calls it) and read most of mine on  One of my favorites is Thatababy, which frequently has geek-related themes, but is funny even without that.  Today's comic is what caught my attention.

I sent that in to Rob, the webmaster of Aquaman Shrine, and he sent me my F.O.A.M. membership certificate!

So now I proudly claim the title of "Friend Of Aquaman", Aqua-fan, and geek!