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Monday, August 27, 2012

Name That Dog!

Pet names are always interesting to me, and I've blogged about it before.  I see so many "Bella"s nowadays that it's rather insane, and I've had days when we have 3-4 pets dropped off who all have the same name.  It makes us have to be rather careful not to treat the wrong "Max".  I really enjoy unique names, which is why our pets are Inara, Yvaine, Ash, Tristan, Pippin, Falcor, Adara, and Silvermist.

I've posted infographics from this site before, but this one is really interesting to me.  Hope you find it interesting also!

Dog Names
Dog names graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click here to view the original post.


  1. those are some interesting names! sometimes I have heard some really long-winded names for pets that seem a little silly, but I'd prefer silly names over common people names. It's just a personal preference to me not to give pets common people names. I recently adopted a cat that was an owner turn-in to a shelter and her name was Ella, which is also the name of one of my friend's daughters and I just didn't want my cat to have the same name! So after figuring out that the cat is a Korat breed, I named her Surinari (after a famous thai human, but it's a nickname)..i think it's quirky but meaningful to me :)

  2. I have a friend whose dog's name is Bella! I guess that the same thing can be said for a lot of humans names as well. I can see how multiple pets with the same name can cause some problems at the vet. I also would prefer a different name over a common one for my pets.

  3. We have a cat named Gimli and if I spelled it right, I presume you will pick up on the reference. We have our share of common names with our pets too, but we do have a goat named Blinky (one eyed) and a goat named Truck ( my 3 year old named it :)) I find pet names interesting, and difficult to decide upon at times too.

  4. We always try to have unusual names for our pets. I hate the generic.

  5. Mine are rather normal! We have Abigial (LH Dachshund), Fez (Scipperki/Shelthy mix), Griffin (German Shepard lab mix, and Zeek (short for Ezekiel my DLH cat).

    Abigail is probably the most normal, but she has more nicknames than any dog ever. The most common is Nugget or Chicken Nugget. The most elaborate being Princess Roodle From the Land of the Doodle, or Veiner-von Fluffenbutt.

    I prefer my animals to have a reason for their names and have them be a little less generic! But hey, to each his own - it was fun reading this post.

  6. Our vet always used "Pet Name / Family Name" to make sure each pet was properly identified. "Patches Smith" and "Patches Jones" for example.


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