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Friday, January 17, 2014

Where Has Dr. Bern Been?

I started this blog way back in 2008 and for the next five years I managed to consistently average at least 3 blog posts per week.  Not bad at all considering that I started it without a strong plan in mind.  And then just as I was nearing the big anniversary...


Several things contributed to the longest absence from blogging that I've had in five years.  Most of it revolved around a play that my wife directed and in which I was an actor.  It was an amazing show and I'm so proud of how she brought together a cast of over 20 people to put on a musical set in 1941.  But not only did I have the stress of being an actor, I also ended up helping with set building and decoration.  During that time my wife also started having some health concerns, and I had to rely on strength in God to be able to help her through that stressful period.  Once the play was over we had to start catching up on activities, responsibilities, and other things that had been pushed to the back burner for a few months.  Then there was a break for Christmas, during which my computer went rather glitchy with a driver that somehow locked up my computer to where even a boot in safe mode wouldn't start it.  So it's been in a local computer service store for the last nearly two weeks, finally being in working order today.  

Probably the best part of the last few months is a "good" reason why I haven't had as much time to blog.  Some days at work would be slow, giving me time to whip out a blog post from time to time.  But for several months we've had surprisingly strong business, leaving me no spare time at all.  As a manager of a veterinary practice I'm certainly all for that!  But on the other hand I wouldn't mind a breather now and then.

So now I'm back.  I've actually been contacted by a few people who have wondered if I'll do more blogs, and I certainly plan to.  Life is quickly getting back to normal and I'm finding myself with some much-needed free time, at least at home.  I feel that I still have stories to tell and advice to give, as the veterinary profession is constantly changing and evolving.

So that's what's been going on in the life of Dr. Bern for the last several months.  Time to get back to the job of letting everyone know what the life of a veterinarian is really like.