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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gimli's Guide To Bulldogs: Puppy Alarm Clocks

I've been asked many times by many people if I allow guest writers to contribute to my blog.  Since this is a personal and not a professional blog, I've always declined their offers.  However, for the first time ever I'm allowing a guest writer to contribute regularly to my blog.  I hope you enjoy!

Hai!  My name iz Gimli and I iz a bulldog puppy.  Mai new daddy sed that I shood tell everyone about bulldogz from mai purspective.  So thatz what Im gonna do!

Puppys need lotz of sleep.  I think I sleep about 20 hourz a day.  And I love to play teh rest of teh time!  But mostly I sleepz.

I like to sleep for a few hourz then wake up and let everybody know I wantz to play.  Daddy keepz me downstairz so I have to barkz really loud for him to hear me.  He sleepz really deep, so sometimez I haz to bark for a long time before he comez down to me.  When he openz mai kennel I iz soooooooo happy to see him!  I start to run, play, and bitez hiz toez, but he alwayz iz so grumpy when itz dark.  Daddy sayz something about "3 o-clock in teh morning".  But den a few hourz later wen I bark again he sayz "6 o-clock in teh morning".  Doz he really needz to sleep for 7 or 8 hours in a row?  Datz weird.

Puppyz like me sleepz for a few hours then we needz to go potty.  I barked and barked to let him know I hadz to go outside, but I pooped some in mai kennel when he didnt come fast enough.  I only stepped in it a little, but he made me take a bath.  Daddy waz growling about "5 o-clock in teh morning" when he didz it.  I wuz sorry cuz he waznt happy.  But he still gave me a kiss before he putz me back in mai kennel.  

Mai new Mommy said to Daddy "Happy Fadder's Day.  Hope you like yur new alarm clock."  I didnt understand why Daddy looked at me and laffed.