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Sunday, August 1, 2010


This past month I put up a non-veterinary poll out of curiosity.  Though I don't get paid for this blog, I try to update frequently to keep people interested.  However, since I don't get paid I also sometimes don't feel much motivation to post daily.  For the most part this is done for fun and not profit.  Even so, I know there are some regular readers and I don't want to disappoint too much.  So how often do people like their blogs to update?  Based on the results, fairly frequently!

2-3 Times Weekly--52%
2-3 Times Monthly--3%
Once Monthly--0%

Most months I average around a post every other day, so it looks like I'm keeping it in the area of the top two choices.  Obviously the more important part is that the posts are entertaining and informative, rather than just frequent.  Quality is better than quantity.

A few more stats about the site.  A year ago I started tracking hits to the blog.  In that time there have been over 30,000 individual views, which has averaged to around 84 visits per day.  There are also 25 regular followers.  The blog has been read by people on every continent except Antarctica and in every hemisphere.  I find all of that interesting for a small-time blogger like myself.

So thanks to everyone for reading the blog.  Since I want this to be interactive, I'm always open to suggestions of topics and get excited when I get questions from readers.