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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Veterinary Colleges In The US

Considering that my last post was on choosing undergraduate colleges, today's entry fits very nicely.  I am a graduate of North Carolina State University, and today I received an email from our alumni organization about a newly released ranking of US veterinary colleges.  For as long as I can remember, NCSU has been ranked #5, but this time we made it up to #3 (in a tie).  Click here for the article, and the list is presented below....

1.  Cornell University
2.  University of California, Davis
3.  Colorado State University
3.  North Carolina State University
5. Ohio State University
5. University of Pennsylvania
5.  University of Wisconsin, Madison
8.  Texas A&M University
9.  Michigan State University
9.  University of Georgia
9.  University of Minnesota
12.  University of Florida
13.  Tufts University
14.  Purdue University
15.  Auburn State University
15.  Washington State University
17.  Iowa State University
17.  Virginia Tech/University of Maryland
19.  Kansas State University
19.  University of Illinois
19.  University of Missouri
22.  Louisiana State University
24.  Mississippi State University
25.  Oklahoma State University
26.  Oregon State University
Tuskegee and Western Universities

Now I'm sure that every vet in the US would argue for their school having a better place on the list, and I personally wouldn't choose a veterinary school simply based on this list.  I've seen great vets and poor vets from pretty much every school, so I think a lot of it is what you make of the education that you're offered.

Still, it's kind of fun to see my school move up in the rankings!