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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Veterinary Blogosphere

When I started this blog in 2008 I honestly did not know how many veterinary blogs were out there.  I started it partially on a whim, and truthfully I'm a bit surprised at myself for having kept it going for 2 1/2 years.  As I have continued to do this I have learned of other vet blogs and made some connections with vets and veterinary students around the world.  I have several of these other blogs linked on the right-hand bar.

Recently I learned that my blog had been noticed and put on a list of the "50 Best Blogs For Veterinary Students".  I was surprised to see so many blogs dedicated to veterinary medicine, most of which I had never heard of!  It's probably a bit small-minded of me, but I had never imagined that so many vets and vet students would be writing blogs.  However, it seems that blogging is almost ubiquitous now, and with free templates and sites (such as the one I use) it's incredibly easy to start your own.  With so many people savvy in the ways of the Internet, it shouldn't be surprising that we have such a large veterinary "blogosphere".

Now I'll have to admit that though I'm an avid blogger, I really don't go and read many blogs.  I periodically check some of the posts on people I've made a connection with through this blog, but I'm not out there comparing different vet blogs. Honestly, I probably spend too much time playing Facebook games to do that kind of reading!  

Still, I think this is a "win" for pet owners and veterinary students, as there are many sources of information easily accessible.  And it's nice to see that my little corner of the Internet is part of that!