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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scrubs Make The Tech

Most people who go into a veterinary practice probably don’t think a lot about the scrubs or uniforms.  But I can promise you that the practice owner does!  The first decision comes down to whether or not the practice wants to have a very uniform look with everyone wearing the same color and style, or whether they want the freedom to express their individuality with different scrub styles.  The second decision is exactly which styles to use!  Do you allow only animal prints, or do you give complete freedom, knowing that you may end up with people in Spider-Man or Spongebob scrubs?

As a professional veterinarian, it is important to me that my staff looks presentable for our clients. When a customer walks into a place of business, whether it is a doctor’s office, store, or restaurant, they expect the people who work there to be well-kempt, knowledgeable, and professionally dressed. Well-kempt and knowledgeable, those are easy. Simply be aware of who you are hiring, and whether or not they know their stuff. But professionally dressed can be a challenge and often requires some work in deciding exactly what is “professional”.  And then where do you get the look that you’ve decided upon?  Personally I like the look of a uniform in a clinic, with everyone wearing basically the same colors and styles.  But I know that many people like being able to wear whatever they want.

Now here’s something new to my blog, that I hope to continue in the future.  I’m going to try and find sites that I would recommend and use and direct my readers to them.

Recently I stumbled upon Medical Scrubs Mall, an online scrubs store. After searching through the site’s various brands of medical scrubs, I came across their Cherokee Scrubs department. I really liked the variety of styles they had, and I’ve know Cherokee to be quality scrubs.  This company has tons of different colors and styles to choose from, so whether you want a single look or you want your staff to pick whatever they want, it’s here.  It’s actually pretty cool to look through all of the different styles (I know my wife would love to have the Tinker Bell prints!).

The next time you go into your vet’s office, pay attention to how the staff is dressed and see if you can tell any sort of pattern. If you are in the medical profession in any capacity, or if you just love the comfort of wearing scrubs (yes, some people just like to wear them!), I recommend you visit Medical Scrubs Mall, and pick out a set of Cherokee Scrubs for yourself.