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Monday, January 25, 2016

A Year Without Soda

My daughter is pretty remarkable for such a young girl.  At times she can be rather flighty and whimsical, while at other times she can be the most determined and strong-willed person I know.  A year ago she saw someone on YouTube who had done a year-long "no soda" challenge.  For some reason my daughter decided that she wanted to do that also.  So beginning on January 5th, 2015 she decided that she would not drink any soda for a whole year.

My wife and I didn't think it would last.  While our kids don't drink soda daily they do tend to have it when we eat out.  We expected her to give in at some point and decide that she wanted to have some.  It seems that we underestimated her determination.  At every point she kept to her challenge.  No matter where we went or what we did she absolutely refused to drink any soda.  This turned out to be a bit of a difficulty at times!  For example, when we would go to the movies there weren't many choices other than soda if she wanted something to drink.

But she stuck with it through thick and thin.  Everywhere we went she would have water, tea, or juice.  And earlier this month she celebrated a year without soda!  Yes, she actually did it!  Pardon the poor quality of this video, as the light was brighter than I expected.  But her initial reaction is priceless!

I'm very proud of my daughter for having the willpower and determination to succeed in this challenge.  I asked her if she wants to try for two years, but she said no.