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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wandering Vet

I've mentioned before that the practice I work for has multiple satellite locations in our area and I manage one of them.  Over the years I've worked at almost all of the locations and have developed a reputation as someone who can jump in and work in just about any situation.  Sometimes this is to my detriment.

For some reason or another we've had a lot of doctors go on vacation or suddenly take ill, leaving a clinic without a doctor to see patients.  This isn't good for business, as we can't do much revenue without seeing the pets.  It's also not good for the clients and pets as their illnesses can't be seen or treated by us.  So when we have a doctor deficit we look to some of the other locations to fill that gap.  And I seem to be one of the main go-to people!

Today that happened again, with a doctor having to go home because she started vomiting while at work.  I had another doctor working with me at my normal clinic and the afternoon wasn't busy so I agreed to drive over and see the rest of the day at the doctor-less location.  I've worked there before and know the staff so it wasn't a big deal.  But I know that my own regular staff were rolling their eyes and thinking "here we go again."  In the last month I don't think I've been able to have a full week in my own clinic.  Even if its just for part of a day I get asked to go from one place to another.

Really it's kind of a compliment, as I'm known to be efficient, reliable, fast, and very skilled.  Sometimes I get called to assist a less-experienced doctor with a complicated surgery, which I consider fun (I love surgery and love teaching).  But it's also a little frustrating at times as I sometimes don't know where I end up next.

I guess this fits with my life in general, as over the last 13 years I've lived in five different states, held licenses in six, and have lived in three of the four time zones in the continental US.  And there's a possibility that later this year I might be moving again!  My wife jokes that she has a little Gypsy blood in her because she has moved around a lot in her life and starts to get restless when she's in one place for too long.  Maybe she's rubbed off on me.

After today I'm taking a vacation to the beach to have some quiet time with my family, so I won't have internet access until Sunday. 

And then next week I'll have a somewhat big announcement that will mean a new opportunity for me and even a change to this blog.  Stay tuned!