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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Fun

I swear that my life seems busier and busier every day.  Work is expanding rapidly, which is good, but it's wearing me out (10 hour days with no breaks, eating lunch while I'm writing notes in records).  Our private life is filled with many activities (a convention this weekend in Tennessee where my wife runs the kids track of activities) which also wears me out.  So I go from a crazy day at work to a busy evening at home.  And this past week has been busy enough that I haven't had time to blog regularly.

And still don't!  Okay, yes, I'm blogging now, but I have to rush off to work on more things.  But I don't want to get out of the habit and go a few months without writing again, so just a quick noted today.  Oh, and some fun random animal-related things that I've collected recently!  No rhyme or reason to them, other than the fact that they amused me and were related to animals.  Enjoy!