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Monday, September 19, 2016

Some Amusing Irony

Several years ago I changed the comments on this blog so that all of them had to be approved by me.  This was done because I was having a big problem with people making comments, often unrelated to the original post, that contained a link to some other website or service.  For example, on a post about skin problems in dogs I might get a comment with a link to hair loss treatment for men.  I'm always open to opinions contrary to my own (as long as they are polite), as anyone can see by reading my comments sections.  However, I don't want to clutter the comments with spam messages and I absolutely don't want to support those spammers in any way, shape, or form.  So I screen each and every comment, deleting ones that are obviously spam.
Today I had a comment on a blog I made two years ago.  My post was titled "Vaccines Are A Money-Making Scam!" and talked about some of the financial issues around vaccinating pets.  The comment I received was the following: 

 Get daily ideas and methods for generating THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per day FROM HOME for FREE.
The last line included a link, which I have removed from this quote.  This is the kind of comments that I get every week on various posts and is the main reason why I screen and authorize every comment.  But what I find particularly interesting and ironic is that whoever wrote it only saw the key words of "money-making" in the title and didn't realize that the title was completely sarcastic.  They obviously never read the post or even considered the topics or theme of the my blog.  The irony comes in that I was talking about scams, and the link is almost assuredly a scam!
Typically I just delete the comment, but I couldn't resist sharing this one.  These spammers and marketers are pretty darn stupid since I have a clear statement that this kind of comment will be deleted immediately and yet they still make them.