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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have Enough Time?

There is a young man in our church named Joseph (everyone calls him Jo-Jo). He has always been very nice to everyone, and the kind of person that always smiles at you. He didn't always live his life the best he could, but in the last year has been turning that around. He has been one of our most regular members, became a Christian, and was baptized. His heart truly changed, and he began seeking to be closer to God. He already had a young son, and earlier this year his second son was born. Two weeks ago he married his fiance.

Yesterday Jo-Jo was killed coming home from work when a car ran into him on his motorcycle.

That has really made many of us think about ourselves. Here was a young man (in his 20s) who was really trying to turn his life in a better direction. He had two young children and a new wife, and had his whole life ahead of him. Being in good health, nobody expected anything to happen. Yet it did. In an instant he died, and the lives of those around him changed forever.

Do you ever want to do something, or tell someone something, but always think you have time? I fall into that trap very often. I always think that we have plenty of time ahead, and can get around to doing things. But truthfully, we don't know how much time we actually have. We may not have another day, or even another hour. Heart attacks, aneurisms, accidents, and many other things can take us suddenly.

So here's what I want you to do. Is there someone you've been meaning to say "I love you" to but haven't? Do it immediately. Is there someone you're mad at? Forgive them immediately. Is there a family event that you've been meaning to do? Get it done right away. And most importantly, have you thought about what will happen to you after you die? Many haven't, and that can be a very bad thing. Start looking into it right away. I would seriously suggest reading the Bible and listening to Jesus. The only thing on the line is eternity.

Jo-Jo leaves behind a young wife, two young sons, a sister, and many other family members. Please pray for them. If you died tomorrow, what regrets or unsaid things would you leave behind? Figure that out, and correct them right away. You really don't know if you have enough time.