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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Blessing of Pets

Those of you who have pets know what I'm talking about here. I called on my way home from work to let my wife know that I was leaving, and she put the phone up to the ear of our Labrador retriever, Guinevere. I started speaking to Gweny (as we call her), and she got excited and started looking out our front window to see if I had come home yet. When I finally did get home, our kids opened the door, and she came bounding out to the car to see me. Seeing that joy and excitement helps lift away the stress of the day. Our youngest cat, Ash, came to see me a little while ago while I was on the computer, and was purring as I scratched his ears. Right now he is curled up next to my wife, who has her arm over him as she's on her laptop.

Simple things like this are so wonderful. The little signs of love and affection that our pets show us really help us. Several studies have shown that people with pets tend to live longer, be healthier, and consider themselves happier than people who don't have pets. Doctors recognize the benefit of service dogs and cats that visit nursing homes and hospitals, giving uncompromising love and attention.

One of my clients has had chronic health problems and cannot work. She also is on a fixed income because of her disability. Recently she adopted a German Shepherd mix named Ceasar. He is a very sweet and gentle adult dog, and a perfect match for her. She has told me several times what a blessing it is to have him, and how greatful she is. Seeing her glow when she is with him makes it obvious what an important part he has in her life.

Yes, I know that pets can be a nuisance. Just today my wife told me that Gweny defecated on the floor, which is something she really doesn't do. We also still have the bite marks on the legs of our kitchen table and chairs from when she was a puppy. And yes, pets cost money to keep in good health. In today's economy, that's not always easy to manage. But take a moment to look at your pet, and really enjoy him or her. Right now, I'm typing this while sitting on my bed, and Ash has moved to lay between me and my wife. Guinevere is stretched out on the foot of the bed. Not sure where the other two cats are, but I'm still glad they're around. The blessing of our pets really makes a difference in our lives. Don't forget that about your own, and take the time to give them a little extra love and attention.