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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iron Man

Have you read my profile? I clearly pre-warn everyone that I'm a big self-proclaimed geek. That means I'm into comic books, science fiction, fantasy, and most movies, books, and TV shows related to those subjects. My wife and I dress up for Renaissance Faires and fan conventions (such as Dragon*Con).

So it should come as no surprised that I absolutely love the Iron Man movie. I bought it this week and just watched it again with my son today. I enjoyed it more the second time around, and I was pretty pleased when I saw it in theaters. In my opinion it hits on all cylinders perfectly, and is extremely true to the comic books. It's obvious that the director and producers have a love of the genre and character. And I don't think that anyone else could have played Tony Stark better than Robert Downey, Jr. If you don't already know, Tony Stark has been an alcoholic in the comics. Downey has had problems with drugs and alcohol himself, which means he could easily relate to the character. He's an incredibly talented actor with a true insight into the person of Stark, and it shows on screen.

Of course the special effects are great. It's hard to tell what is CGI and what is a practical effect suit. And that's the way effects should be! The movie should definitely get at least a nod in the Academy Awards for Best Special Effects.

Even if you're not a fan of comics, I would really recommend this movie. It's simply a great, fun action adventure.

See, vets have interests outside of medicine and science!