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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recovering From A Vacation

Have you ever come back from a vacation and said that you needed another vacation to recover from the one you just took? I'm kind of feeling like that now.

This was the first week-long family vacation we've taken in three years, and one we were all looking forward to. Usually we plan a lot of activities to maximize our time away from home, but this time we planned on just taking it easy and relaxing. All of that was well and good until I managed to either get food poisoning or pick up some nasty gastrointestinal virus. Pretty much the entire day Thursday I spent in our room laying in bed or crouched over the toilet trying to keep my stomach from coming out of my mouth. Yay, me. And even three days later I'm still not completely recovered. That kind of put a major damper in the last part of our vacation, and I know it was hard for my wife to watch. With my luck I expect to be completely better by the time I go back to work on Tuesday.

And of course once we get home there is mail to catch up on, the checkbook to balance, suitcases to unpack, laundry to do, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (to quote "The King And I"). I'm also expecting to go back to work with a list of minor fires to put out and cases to catch up on.

Y'know, it almost makes me not want to go on vacation! But then I realize how much fun we normally have, and decide that vacations are worth the day or so of extra work once you get back.

So few more days of rest, and then back to the ol' grind!