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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Facebook Follies

I've avoided joining Facebook for a long time. I'm not a highly social person, preferring a small circle of friends. For the most part I've kept in contact with those I wanted to (some better than others), and have no great desire to meet random people. I also saw how many people were clamoring to join Facebook, and didn't want to go with the crowd. I often said that I wouldn't join just out of principle.


A few days ago I joined. Most of it was due to my wife's gentle pressure, talking about how I could get in touch with some of my old friends better. Partly I also saw there were some interesting games, and I could put my pages in pirate lingo! So in the end, I did finally join. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

Now I'm playing eight different games, have 41 mateys (errr...friends...pirate language y'know), and am madly loading pictures onto it. My wife tells me that this is typical when someone first joins, and it will calm down in a week or two. I hope so, because I don't think she realized what a monster she may have created.

Now I'll go ahead and forewarn any of my readers here that I likely won't accept any friend requests from people that I don't know personally. I'm pretty private with parts of my life, so please don't be offended if you read this blog and I don't take you as a friend on Facebook. It's nothing personal, just my way of compartmentalizing my life a bit.

I still can't believe that I finally went and did this....


  1. I'm on facebook mostly to keep in touch with a friend far away. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with people but have been careful to not get involved in games, etc. I'm already addicted to blogging and don't much time for that these days!

  2. Welcome to the dark side, aka fb...
    just remember, you can add blog or game friends into a special group and restrict their viewing access - helps when you are a gamer!!
    If you do want some blog/game friends - add me anytime :) But not worried if you don't -
    Merry Xmas

  3. Heh, I've called Facebook "the Dark Side" for some time now. Looks like I succumbed. And in a big way! Yesterday I spent around 8 hours getting organized, uploading photos, and playing games. My wife helped create a monster!

  4. Good Luck, Dr. Bern! I joined Facebook and next thing I knew I had 200+ Scottie friends from around the world.

    I use it to spread interesting news posts, but rarely anything personal. Never the games--that would become too addicting I think!

    Will you be my friend? Just kidding--

  5. I joined to keep in touch with friends I've made over a decade on another website, which we've all mostly outgrown now.

    I got into pirates, and vikings, etc and then had to start adding strangers to keep up with the demands of the games! I just delete them after, but I do wonder that the games aren't really encouraging 'friendships' at all.

    Good luck!


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