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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Questionable Anal Mass

Gayle sent this in...

Bandit has always been a healthy Dog!!
but recently he has developed a problem there is a round marble size blood red thing that keeps coming out of his anas he 's not able to have a bowel movement my husband keeps pushing it back in and Bandit seems very happy for the help lol but I'm worried and normally would have him at the vet but we have been out of work for 6 months we have to wait for some money to come in please tell me what this could be and where i can do some research on it thank you so much 
Gayle, I know these are financial hard times for many people, but this is something you really need to see a vet about as soon as possible.  If he is having problems defecating it can be a very serious problem. Several things could be the cause, including a hernia, rectal polapse, polyp, or tumor.   If it's a tumor it or hernia, it would need to be corrected as soon as possible, and would require surgery.  Without actually seeing the pet I couldn't be more specific than this.

Earlier this year I had a similar problem in a patient.  There was some bleeding from his anus and we thought it was colitis or a similar problem that would cause blood in the stool.  The owner thought they had seen a small mass, but I had done rectal exams and not found anything.  One one follow-up visit they brought some pictures of the strange mass, taken on their cell phone camera.  It was definitely a polyp of some sort, so I did another rectal exam.  This time since I had an idea of what to look for I was able to feel a very small mass on the "roof" of the rectum that could be easily pulled outwards with my finger.  It was a soft mass and almost blended with the rectal wall, which is why I had missed it before.  We scheduled surgery and I was able to remove the polyp without complications.  It was a benign growth and healed normally.

I know this is a difficult financial time, Gayle, but not being able to have a bowel movement is a serious problem and you need to see a vet this week.  Good luck.