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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Acting Family

It looks like my family is going to be populated by actors.  Not that this is a bad thing.  My wife was a drama minor in college, and has always loved theater.  Over the last year and a half she and I have been involved in local community theater and have really enjoyed it.  In fact, if you go back in the archives of this blog you'll see some pictures of me in some of the plays.  But now it's going beyond that.

Last week my wife found out that she has been cast as the lead in the musical Kiss Me, Kate.  Though she loves drama, musical theater is her real passion, and she's always dreamed of having the lead role in a musical.  Now she gets to live that dream, and is tremendously excited.  Her only fear is that she'll have to kiss her co-star, and she's never kissed another man since we've been married.

Our kids have been involved in a few plays in the last year and based on that interest we enrolled them in acting classes taught by a local friend of ours who has done extensive theater and even movies.  Today he said that our son had really impressed him and had the potential to be a skilled actor.  He even said that Lucas had the potential to get minor roles in movies or act in commercials.  Now wouldn't that be nice!  He could make enough money to support his parents!

I don't expect Hollywood or Broadway to call anytime soon.  But it sure is a nice thing to dream of.  Until then we'll continue to do our thing in local theater.  In fact, auditions for Romeo and Juliet will be later this year, and I'm certainly going for a role in that.