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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pollen Season

Here in the southeastern US we see a LOT of pollen during early Spring.  Those who haven't lived in this area don't really appreciate just how much pollen we get.  It covers cars.  It runs in the gutters.  It fills the air.

To give you an idea of what we see every year, here are some pictures of my car.  And I've seen it worse than this!

Even the house isn't safe.  Here's a picture of my front porch.  I moved the welcome mat so you can see the accumulation of pollen.  We have footprints in the pollen on the porch!

This is one of the big reasons why this part of the country has so many allergic pets.  I've had several clients who moved from the western or northeastern parts of the US and never had any allergy issues with their pets until they moved here.  A big part of my business this time of the year is dealing with the suddenly itchy dogs and cases of allergic dermatitis.  Considering that I actually can't stand dermatology, this isn't a fun part of my job.  But as long as I work and practice here I can't avoid it.