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Friday, May 13, 2016

Find Me At Sam's Club

This month Sam's Club released their newest issue of their bimonthly magazine, Healthy Living Made Simple.  It is available in clubs around the US as well as on their website (  And I'm in it!  I'm very proud and excited to have been invited to write for them, especially considering that it will reach over 8 million Sam's Club members.  The article is rather short, but still hopefully helpful.  In it I discuss tips on introducing a new pet to the home with existing pets.  You can find it in the Lifestyle section, or click on this link.

I'm really excited about having had the opportunity to write this article.  If you search back through my blog you will find similar things in which I've been involved, such as TV interviews (some of which were in multiple markets around the country), a pet care video on a now defunct web site, and some articles in veterinary trade magazines.  But this article in the Sam's Club magazine will reach far more people than anything I've done in the past.  That's pretty cool!

While I'd love it if this turned into an opportunity to partner with that magazine more, I'll be satisfied with this one article.  Not may people get chances like this so I'll count my blessings.