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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yes, We Really Do Need To See Your Pet For Prescriptions

One of my favorite websites is, and I've shared things from there before.  I came across the following post and it mirrors something that I see far too frequently.

(One of my coworkers is relatively new and often sounds unsure when repeating information or instructions. Clients tend to try to take advantage of that, and my coworker isn’t confident enough to know when to put her foot down.)
Coworker: “Can you help me with this call? [Client] wants a prescription refill for [Patient]. I checked with [Doctor] and she said we need to do an exam since we haven’t seen [Patient] in so long, but [Client] isn’t liking that answer.”
Me: “Yeah, sure.” *picking up phone, to [Client]:* “Hi there, this is [My Name]. [Coworker] said you had some questions about a prescription refill for [Patient]?”
Client: “Yes! I need a refill of [medication] for [Patient], but the other girl said that [Patient] needs to be seen first! She HAS been seen!”
Me: “According to our records, we haven’t seen [Patient] in almost 18 months.”
Client: “No, no! I took her to a vet in [State]! She HAS been seen!”
Me: “Well, ma’am, pharmacy law states that in order to write a prescription we have to have physically seen a patient within the last 12 months.”
Client: “That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that!”
Me: “I apologize, but the law is the law.”
Client: “Well, what am I supposed to do, then?!”
Me: “I can either set up an appointment to get [Patient] seen–”
Client: “But she HAS been seen!”
Me: “—or you can contact the vet in [State] that saw [Patient] to see if they will send over a prescription.”
Client: “Can’t you call them and get the visit history?”
Me: “I could, but that doesn’t change that we need to physically see [Patient], here, in the office, for an examination, before one of our doctors would even consider writing a prescription.”
Client: “I just don’t understand why you won’t write a prescription!”
Me: “Because it is illegal. You are asking us to break the law.”
Client: “Well, you’re useless, aren’t you!?” *hangs up*