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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do People Still Fall For It?

Anyone reading this blog has at least a basic knowledge of the internet, email, and everything that entails. Which means you are also likely aware of the various email scams out there. Most of them come from someone overseas that needs help moving money, and promises you several million dollars (pounds, etc.) if you will help them. I receive those emails virtually daily on all of my email accounts (I have three). The one I use for my blogs isn't used for any other communications, yet I still get 10-15 per week.

Knowledge that these are scams is very common, and has been reported on the internet, TV, radio, and print media. There shouldn't be anyone using computers that doesn't know that these are bogus and are used to bilk people out of considerable money. Yet they are still ubiquitous on the internet. This must mean that there are still people out there who fall victim to these emails, or it wouldn't be worthwhile for the perpetrators to send them out. And that boggles my mind. I know that people want to get rich quick and want free money. But come on! How desperate, ignorant, or out-of-touch do you have to be to believe that these emails aren't scams?

It's sad to me that people are evil and greedy enough to submit these emails. They should be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of their country of origin. But it's even sadder that people still fall for it. Use common sense and just delete these emails!

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  1. I love the ones that tell me that I am the sole heir of the Countess Chiquita Maria Fracesca Alejandra Philippa Gutierrez of Spain, and that if I send the company handling her affairs their portion of the inheritance, they can then afford to send the rest of the $8 mil. to me. PS: I have brothers, a sister, 2 parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles everywhere. How can I, second child of my parents, somehow be an heiress, but they aren't?


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