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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mega-Geeks Working Together Is Bad

It should come as no surprise that I consider myself a major geek.  I love comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, and most things that would be considered geeky.  If you start me talking on one of those subjects be prepared for a long discourse filled with bits of random and obscure trivia, all presented with great passion.  When I'm with my fellow geeks in my private life we have a lot of fun.  But it can be distracting at work.
The practice I work for has several satellite clinics in the area.  I work at and manage one of them, and spend the vast majority of my time there.  Some of my staff are relatively geeky, and we may have discussions about TV shows or movies, but typically it's a brief conversation with them asking me a lot of questions for clarification.  Thankfully we can still go about our day with only minor delays for such things.
Recently I was asked to help out at one of our sister clinics, and the hospital manager there is just as big of a geek as I am.  When we work together, all bets are off!  My own hospital manager talked to him yesterday and asked if he was working with me today.  His reply was "Well, if you call it work."  He knew how distracted we can get!  When I arrived this morning he was already there, and immediately we began talking.  For the first 20 minutes I was in the clinic, we did nothing but talk about the season finales of The Flash and Arrow, along with the extended trailer for the new Supergirl TV show.  We both had to force outselves to stop talking and get down to the business of seeing patients!
I have fun hanging out with him (his name is also Chris) and talking with equal passion about comic book titles, shows, creators, and so on.  He's one of the few people I know who can match me in my knowledge, and even then I can sometimes stump him (today I got him with a random trivia question....who was created as Ultron's wife?  Go ahead and Google's not in the recent movie).  I love having someone with equal knowledge to my own, as we can talk depth and details that I can't with other people.
But we get very little done!
Chris trained at my own clinic before moving to our sister location permanently.  While he was there I would constantly be distracting him from his work and my hospital manager had to keep telling us to stop talking so he could focus.  I joked with her that maybe I'd see if he could work at our location.  She said "Well, then nothing would get done around here."  I'd have to agree with her!

It would be fun to have someone like this all of the time, and he and I definitely have a "bromance" going on.  But I also think that it's good that I don't have someone to distract me from my patients, and that I can get through my case load efficiently.