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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Touch Of Magic....New Etsy Shop

Shameless plug here......As long-time readers will likely know, my wife is an amazing seamstress.  She has made costumes for our family for many years, which we wear at cons and Renaissance Faires.  She had a custom costuming business for a while, until the commission requests became overwhelming in number.  Her costumes have won awards at cons and with local community theater groups.  More recently she has been making "casual geek" clothes for our family, which have been a big hit with everyone who sees them.  In fact, she is constantly asked "Do you have an Etsy shop?" 

Here are some examples of what she has created recently.

The question became regular enough that we started looking into it, and just set it up.  We're just getting started, so we're still building up the inventory of what is available, and it will change with some regularity.  All of the work is custom made upon ordering and these are one-of-a-kind designs.

Check out the Etsy site at the link below.  We also appreciate everyone who shares it!