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Monday, July 25, 2016

Gimli's Guide To Bulldogs: Chewing!

Hai!  Itz me Gimli again.  Dis time I want to tellz you about one uv mai favorite tings.....chewing!

I loooooove to chew!  Im a puppie so I haz puppie teef.  Chewing helpz mai gums and itz lotz of fun.  Mai daddy sez deese teef will start falling out in a few weekz, and dat my gums will be soar so Ill chew even moar.  Datz okay wif me!!!!  We bulldogz luv to chew, so as a bulldog puppie itz an even bigger ting.

I haz lotz of chew toyz, so I can pick lotz of different tings.  Different bonz, a rope toy that one uv teth udder dogz in mai home also haz, and even plaztic bottles.  Mai daddy sez I haz to be careful what I chew, becauze my teefs is fra-gi-le and sumting too hard mite brake dem.  Wen my big boy teef come in I dont have to worry den.

But sometimez I wants to chew on tings dat daddy sez I shouldnt.  Like shooz and cloze hangerz.

I don't know why he doeznt like me chewing deez tings.  Teh shooz reely smell nice and taste yummy!  But he makez me stop when he seez me doing it.  Itz not too bad becauze he den gives me anudder chew toy so I can still haz fun.

Giving puppiez tings to chew is reely important.  But you haz to be careful with what we chew on.  Some tings mite be dangerous, and udders might just get us into trubble.  Make sure you give yur puppiez the right chew toys!

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