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Friday, July 1, 2016

Gimli's Guide To Bulldogs: Easily Overheated

Hai!  Dis iz Gimli again.  I iz here to tellz you moar about bulldogz.

We getz hot eezy.  Reely eezy!  Mai new daddy sayz itz cause we has small noses and a "long sawft pal-at" (whateverz dat iz).  I just know dat when I startz getting hot I cant breeth eezy.  

Where we live itz reely hot rite now, espeshully in the day.  If I am outside too long, I could get reely sick from being so hot.  I haz to be outside for short timez, and den come back in.  My daddy sayz dat if I waz in teh sun too long I mite even die!  All bulldogz have dis same problem, and all of us need to stay cool.  I dont go for walkz rite now, but if I did I could only do it in teh morning or evening, when itz cooler.  

Mai new family went for a long car drive to seez my daddy's daddy.  On teh way home I wuz in teh back wif mai new brudder and sister, and I wuz hot.  Mommy saw me wif mai tongue out, so she put me in her lap in teh front so I couldz be closer to teh cold air.  Wow, it wuz nice!  At first I put mai face rite at teh air.  But den I gotz teh idea to get cooler, and I stoodz up to put teh air on mai belly.  It felt sooooooo gooood!

But den I gotz sleepyz, and mommy had a pillow in her lap.  I wanted to sleepz, but I loved teh cold air sooooooo much!  So I put mai face and neck on teh air, and got so sleepyz just like dat.  It wuz awesome!!!!

So teh lesson tooday is to keep yur bulldogz cool!  Dont let us get too hotz, or it can be very, very bad.  We like teh cool!